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My brand new song, FRANKIE FEVER’S DUBONNET, tells of the death of a fictional and long faded “old L.A.” musician whose fleeting fame in the ‘60s coincided with a rising folk-rock movement in Laurel Canyon led by bands like The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and The Mamas and the Papas. Frankie Fever’s classic gold #1 record “Dubonnet” had become all the rage at legendary Los Angeles radio station K H J in that shimmering, jingle-jangle, SoCal summer of Love moment as Laurel Canyon hipsters & gypsies reveled in the FEVER by sipping Dubonnet Blonde [Blanc] and singing Frankie’s big hit song. Sunset Blvd rockers and Hollywood movie stars were not immune either. Lou Adler’s exclusive L.A. nightclub “On The Rox” embraced the "Dubonnet" spirit literally and regulars John Belushi, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, and John Lennon, quaffed Dubonnet Rouge ‘on the rocks’ and toasted one another in the decadent ‘70’s with the famous Cassandre phrase, “Dubo, Dubo…

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