During my final days of working in the Canadian country music scene, I was invited to perform on national TV and profile showcase events.

I'm performing here at a concert which was being taped for a future radio broadcast. Other popular country music radio stars appearing in this country concert included Michelle Wright and my "good" buddies, The Good Brothers, who used to perform an old song of mine years ago called "Good Times & Whiskey". To listen to my original version of that song, check out my early 80's album The Comfort Sound Sessions.

I had a lot of fun in these exciting and rewarding years of great radio success as a "new country" recording artist, but in the end it was more about finding my place as a professional songwriter in Nashville and beyond that inspired me the most. I loved live performing and I loved the best that country music had to offer at that time but in my heart I understood that I'm a "songwriter/artist" whose personal tastes and talents encompass a wider spectrum than country music radio format. But, as my history through these years reveals, it was a blast. Hard work, but lots of fun.


The Tommy Hunter Show November '86. Tommy asks about my 4 consecutive top 10 radio hits and Juno Award nomination as Country Male Vocalist of the Year.  


With major radio top 10 chart hits success and a Juno Award nomination to my credit, I redirected my focus to Nashville's music publishing scene.

My talent and track record of radio hits were  warmly received on Music Row. Major publishers, record label executives and songwriters, all welcomed me into their community. Offered a songwriter contract with legendary major music publisher Combine Music, I agreed to terms and signed my contract in Kris Kristofferson's office.

The news of my success reverberated intensely in the Canadian country music industry. A front cover feature story ran in a well known monthly music industry publication, Country Music News. 

Interviewed for that cover story piece, I thanked some special people who all supported my efforts in various ways. I wish to thank all once again. Stan Campbell / Mike Francis / Terry Clements / Brian Chater / Spero Bassil / Garry Paget / Mary Lynn Dodson / Steve Stohn / Jody Williams / FT

MICHAEL FLATT - "Big Country", Toronto
"...Great song! It will definitely be added to the music on Big Country..."

Bill MacNeil - CKPE Sydney, N.S.
"...a fine new song from a performer who shows Canada can produce great country music too!
Let's hear more..."

"...Excellent..! I though I was playing a Ronnie Milsap record..."

"'s been a while since we've heard a sound as impressive as this. Great lyrics and tune. Thank you..."

JOE DELARONDE - CKRK, Kahnewake, Que.
"...immediately added! This song jumps out and bites! I don't often get excited, but this is great!..."

ROB ROULSTON - CFYR, Abbotsford, B.C.
"...Trainor should be able to stand up to the C/W and Pop "superstars" easily. A very accceptable release."


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