"When I first heard Frank Trainor play live I was totally blown away by his presence, power and communication. He is one of the most powerful writer/singer/guitarists I have ever heard. It was amazing..." - Elliot Mazer, Legendary Record Producer - (Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, The Band)

I Might Need Valium
The Collar And The Ten Dollar Girl
Blood On The Highway
Don't Be Late For the Parade
Baby's Got A Bad Memory
The Only Other Woman
Fallin' From Grace
I Did My Growin' Up Young
In The Name Of Love
Heart Arsonist
Torn And Twisted

I Feel Like I Feel Like I Feel
The Age Of Modern Miracles
Takin' Cinderella To The Ball
Comin' Apart At The Dreams
What's The Worst You Could Do To Me
Road Skolar
Always Lovin' You
Love Don't Need Me Anymore
So Far From Home In Babylon


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